Peer Review Process

In the review process, there are at least two reviewers for each text on a related topic. In addition, the author can also propose prospective reviewers. The rating of the first reviewer will be the top priority for the editor to make a decision if there are only two reviewers. In the case of three reviewers, a decision will be made from at least two reviewers. It takes three weeks for reviewers to complete one round of review processes.

In general, prospective reviewers will be selected based on their reputation in the number and quality of international publications. In the next step, the Editor sends an invitation letter for each reviewing candidate. After prospective reviewers provide information about their availability for the review process, the Editor creates an account for each reviewer and then sends the manuscript by OJS.

All review processes are in a double-blind review and are managed by editors at OJS.

Articles are evaluated based on the criteria outlined below;
Suitability for the mission of the Islamic Pena Journal.
The importance of contributing new knowledge (advancing the field of study, or providing best practices or learning);
Scholarship rigidity and accuracy; and Readability and flow of information and ideas presented.
Additional criteria are based on the following types of texts: as research articles, as reflective essays; as a project with a promising article; as a dissertation abstract; or as a book review.