Relating To Colleagues In The Perspective Of Islamic Communication

  • Moch Nurcholis Majid
Keywords: Work Relations, Work Ethics, Islamic Communication


Communication in an organization has a central role. In the organization, leadership is very important because the existence of the leader becomes the doorstop or becomes one of the spearheads of success in the organization. Effective leadership should be able to provide direction to efforts in achieving organizational goals. This article uses library research research methods by taking data from journals and books. So that it can be concluded that the relationship at work is communication, everyone who works in the organization is able to understand the role and function of communication to help someone complete a task well and efficiently. So that the work ethic in Islam should consider summarizing the etiquette of business behavior into three broad lines, namely: 1. Generosity, 2. Motivation to serve and 3. Remember Allah and His main priority.


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